​Always Looking Good...

​The All-new Corsa is wider, lower and has an eye-catching new design.

Its distinctive grille, bold lines and integrated lights will have people turning their heads everywhere you go.​

​Keeping You Safe...

​The All-new Corsa is smarter than ever. With its on-board camera and sensors, the Corsa will recognise if you drift out of your lane and the steering wheel will nudge you back on track.

Should there be a dangerous situation, the All-new Corsa's emergency breaking system will activate automatically - this will slow or stop the car to prevent accidents.

And on the day-to-day matters, the Corsa has traffic sign recognition - alerting you to upcoming road signs or changes to the speed limit.​

The Thinking Car...

The All-new Corsa is the first in its class to have adaptive, glare-free LED headlights. This intelligent lighting system comes with high beam assist, that deactivates full beam as another vehicle approached.

Parking the nimble Corsa is now even easier with the panoramic rear-view camera. This offers a clear 180 degree view that makes reversing as easy as ABC.

As if that weren't enough...the All-new Corsa also comes with Adaptive Cruise Control. This adjusts the speed of the car to keep you a safe distance from traffic.

​Hard to believe you are in a car...

The All-new Corsa comes fitted with the stunningly clear 7" Multimedia Navi Screen - which you can upgrade to an incredible 10" screen!

The new navigation system makes a mockery of the traditional Sat-nav and will get you anywhere you need to go.

And you will not be stuck for entertainment. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus Bluetooth Connectivity your phone and all its features will be at your finger tips.

Home is where your Corsa is...

Keep cosy through the winter with our heated seats and steering wheel. Then activate the in-seat massager to unwind after a stressful day and make your commute enjoyable.

With a 309l boot you can back plenty in! Meaning this city car can take to the open road for an epic adventure!



All New 2020 Corsa 360° View