Drive up to 30 miles (1) in pure electric mode.

In hybrid mode, relax and let your car auto-select the most efficient mode for driving.

An SUV with innovative plug- in hybrid technology takes efficiency even further. Using a fully charged electric engine only, the Grandland X Hybrid4 can drive distances of up to 30 miles and product zero exhaust emissions.

Grandland X Hybrid4 is kitted out with the Vauxhall Connect telematics service. Giving you Live Navigation with real time traffic information. An app to check your car's health and a journey planner showing charging points on your route. That's thinking ahead.


Using the 3.3kW on-board charger, plug in easily at one of 20,000 UK charging points. (2) Your IntelliLink system can guide you there. Or sit back and charge at home using a 6.6kW option in under two hours, with a 7.4kW wallbox.

Electric cars are currently tax-exempt and can be up to 70% cheaper to service and maintain. Drivers can save on fuel. (3). An electric vehicle costs 3p per mile and there's no congestion charge to pay either (4).

It's all there for you. A simple-to-use menu featuring clear, helpful information. Check out a variety of different options.

Looking for benefit-in-kind (BiK) tax savings? With CO2 emissions of 37g/km and a zero-emission range of 31 miles, the Grandland X Hybrid4 BiK is best-in-class.

Boasting 16% BiK in this tax year and 12% in 2020-21, that’s serious savings for you.


Feel the power with up to 300hp at the touch of a pedal. You can also go further, more affordably with a combined fuel consumtpion (preliminary WLTP (1)/NEDC (5)) of 176.5mpg. Goodbye to range-anxiety!

Choose from four different driving modes - electric, hybrid, AWD (all-wheel-drive) and Sport. Hybrid will auto-select the most efficient option, cleveryly switching to electric mode at low speeds for zero emissions.

Is It Right For Me?

Long Journeys

Long-haul business roadtrips? Village-hopping country breaks? No problem.
Wave goodbye to range-anxiety by filling up with fuel and selecting hybrid mode. It will automatically switch the car between electric and petrol propulsion, taking you further with maximum efficiency.

Short Commutes

School run. Supermarket. Swimming club. Grandland X Hybrid4 easily handles most local trips in electric mode, taking you up to 31 miles with 0% emissions. That’s better for the environment and can help improve air quality in urban areas.

Off Road

Feeling adventurous? With Grandland X Hybrid4, there's nothing to stop you. It's all wheel drive puts power to all its wheels, making off road driving as comfortable as possible. And the battery helps increase power for hill climbing or sharp acceleration.

For Fun

No journey is ever boring in the Grandland X Hybrid4. Move into sport mode and unlock exhilarating performance. Enjoy the power of the 300hp engine with just a touch of the pedal and get ready for an exciting trip, wherever you’re heading. Have fun.



Grandland X Phev 360° View