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Vauxhall's brand image is set to shift and evolve

The task of redefining Vauxhall as a brand has been given to the new chairman, Tim Tozer. He took up the position in February 2014 and already has ambitious goals.

His aim is to clearly determine the brand message, and separate it further from close rival Chevrolet. The current model line-up will also be undergoing a significant refresh. Tozer has stated that he neither wants the brand to be perceived as cheap nor superior – a mid-budget alternative with appeal to the vast majority of drivers.

The brand fundamentally represents good value, good cars and Britishness. Although the company lacks a tagline, it holds enduring popularity and recognition amongst UK motorists and the general public.

As Tozer says, “Vauxhall is woven into the fabric of the country and as a purely British brand we don't have to play an international tune or worry about pan-European advertising."

Previous CEO, Duncan Aldred, wanted Vauxhall to ultimately overtake other key rival Ford. Tozer's contradictory opinion is that the company should primarily focus on internal growth and achievements, building stronger foundations from which even more can be accomplished in time. Drivers already benefit from many Vauxhall advances and intelligent systems, as well as an emphasis on reliable, family-friendly motoring.

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