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When it comes to craftsmanship, comfort, and sheer exhilaration, there is simply no SUV that can rival the Bentayga. With the choice of a 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine or a 3.0 litre hybrid, this luxury SUV stands alone in its class. Prepare to experience a level of luxury and performance like never before.

Bentayga Speed
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Bentayga S
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Bentayga Azure
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Combining exhilarating performance with impeccable craftsmanship, the Bentayga is an SUV that leaves no compromises. It effortlessly takes you everywhere, from bustling city streets to vast open roads and beyond. With different seating configurations available, including 4-seat, 5-seat, and 7-seat options, you can bring everyone and everything along on your journey. 

The Bentayga range offers four extraordinary models: the quintessential Bentayga, the bold Bentayga S, and the opulent Bentayga Azure, showcasing cutting-edge technology that enhances the well-being of every passenger. Whether for business or leisure, the Bentayga is the epitome of luxury SUVs, redefining the driving experience like never before. 

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Experience Power on Demand

You have a choice of two powertrains: a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine or a 3.0-litre V6 hybrid. 

Every Bentayga now comes equipped with active all-wheel drive and all V8 models benefit from Bentley Dynamic Ride—an innovative electronic anti-roll system that automatically adjusts to driving conditions. This ensures stability when cornering at high speeds and delivers a smoother, more comfortable ride, reducing vibrations on the open road. Additionally, the V8 models offer all-wheel steering, providing a tighter turning circle at low speeds and effortless lane changes and overtaking at high speeds. Meanwhile, the hybrid models provide the opportunity to complete numerous urban journeys on electric power alone, making them perfect for low-emission zones. 
The Bentayga combines extreme performance, uncompromised comfort, and practicality, making it the ideal choice for every road—even those with no roads. 

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The Bentayga exudes presence from the moment you see it approaching. An imposing grille – its finish dependent on your choice of model – sits atop a sculpted front bumper. The grille is flanked by LED matrix headlamps with an intricate design that mimics cut crystal, complementing the jewelled 3D lamps at the rear. In profile, gleaming details catch the eye, with badging, wing vents and side sills accentuating the car’s sleek form. Its commanding stance is emphasised by exquisitely designed wheels – 21” are standard on the Bentayga, and 22” on the Bentayga S and Bentayga Azure.

Inside, hand-stitched leather meets hand-finished veneers, in a stunning cabin space that can be commissioned according to your taste. A luxurious four-seat configuration offers extra comfort in the rear, while the five-seat option allows the rear seats to be folded down fully. For larger families, there is also a seven-seat option.




Every Bentayga now boasts cutting-edge air filtration, maximizing the wellness of all passengers. The innovative air conditioning system utilises advanced filters to optimise the quality of interior air and minimise airborne pollutants, including detrimental PM2.5 particles. The driver's information panel prominently displays the levels of air quality inside and outside the vehicle, offering reassurance that the system prioritises the wellbeing of everyone on board. Plus, it intelligently detects rear seat occupancy and adjusts the system accordingly, ensuring energy conservation. 


With Intelligent Park Assist, your Bentayga can effortlessly assist in parking manoeuvres. Tight spaces pose no challenge; you can simply initiate the system from your smartphone using the My Bentley* app before exiting the vehicle. 

Manoeuvre Assist* ensures your car remains protected from collisions and scratches in confined areas. Additionally, the 3D surround view provides a real-time, three-dimensional perspective of your surroundings, utilising all four of the car's cameras. Meanwhile, Turn Assist Rear* alerts you to the presence of vehicles, especially cyclists, approaching from your blind spot when making turns.


Take on the open road with ease and confidence. The Touring Specification* offers a suite of driver assistance features to enhance your driving experience. Standard on Azure and Mulliner models, and optional for the rest of the range, the Touring Specification* includes night vision, a head-up display, and Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Guidance. This feature maintains a safe distance from the car ahead, even in stop-and-go traffic, while also keeping you centred in your lane, detecting any drift and making corrections if necessary. 

Experience the convenience of Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control*, which automatically adjusts your speed on major roads beyond the highway. It effortlessly adapts to changing speed limits, while navigating junctions, traffic lights, and roundabouts, giving you a smoother ride. 


With hybrid models, the My Cabin Comfort* feature lets you adjust the cabin temperature and defrost the windows before you start your journey using your mobile phone. It's just one of the life-enhancing features in the range of My Bentley connected services. 

*All Driver Assistance systems and Connected Car technology are subject to regional availability. Please contact your local Bentley retailer for full details. 

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You have the option to personalise a Bentayga or Bentayga S with a selection of seven standard colours. The choice increases to 16 for the Bentayga Speed or Bentayga Azure. The extended range provides approximately 60 colours to choose from, including duo-tone options and Mulliner Paints. With the Blackline Specification, all exterior details are elegantly blacked out, except for the 'BENTLEY' lettering and wing badges. For an even more striking look, the Styling Specification includes a complete carbon fibre body kit, enhancing your road presence. 


Inside, you can select from a variety of classic high-gloss wood veneers or contemporary open-pore options that use less lacquer. Technical non-wood options, like carbon fibre and Dark Tint Diamond Brushed Aluminium, are also available. You can even choose the stunning new Piano Linen by Mulliner finish for the fascia and waistrails. 

The Colour Specification provides an even wider range of hide colours to choose from, while the luxurious Leather Specifications replace the cloth-trimmed areas of the cabin with leather. The Mulliner Colour Specification allows you to enhance your choices with a selection of eight new colours for accents and stitching. 


Additional features that can be added include picnic tables mounted on the backs of the front seats, mood lighting, and illuminated treadplates. The Front Seat Comfort Specification enhances the front seats with ventilation and massage functions, adjustable cushion and backrest bolsters, and winged comfort headrests. The Four Seat Comfort Specification offers two fully featured rear seats, along with a luxurious long centre console that spans the length of the cabin. 

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Accessories are available to make your Bentayga truly your own. Fixed Sill Steps with Black, Bentley-branded Carbon Fibre and Moonbeam inserts are highly suitable for an off-road lifestyle. They complement the Bentayga Styling Specification and Blackline Specification. Opt for the high-performance Paint Protection Film that prevents chips and light scratches. When heat is applied, it removes fine scratches and swirl marks, restoring the exterior finish. Cross Bars are also recommended for the Bentayga, acting as the roof storage system, support aerodynamic performance and provide safe transit in all conditions. 

Learn more about our range of Bentley parts and accessories today.  

Disclaimer: Bentayga Range (V8) WLTP drive cycle:  
fuel consumption, mpg (l/100km) – Combined 22.1 (12.8). Combined CO₂ Emissions– 296 g/km. 

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