Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible now available in Northern Ireland

The new Jaguar F-TYPE sticks to true Jaguar style and delivers a driving experience that's out of this world. Owners of the F-TYPE can look forward to the bold design, sumptuous interior, great technology and confident control that defines the best of Jaguar refinement and engineering expertise.

F-Type Performance

In the F-TYPE, power comes in the form of supercharged V6 and V8 petrol engines that include an eight-speed Quickshift automatic gearbox. With all that power at your disposal, you'll enjoy acceleration of 0-60mph in an adrenaline-pumping 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 186mph. Travel fast or travel slow, but there's no denying it – the new F-TYPE has the power to please even the most fanatical speed demon. All this, and it still manages to keep an eye on its CO2 emissions and fuel economy.


Improving on the drive experience in the F-TYPE's predecessor, the E-TYPE, the new Jaguar is loaded with technology to make driving straightforward and keep drivers confidently supported. The central console houses the infotainment controls and colour touch-screen, whilst the diagnostics are laid out in a pleasing and fully-legible style. The transmission comes in manual or automatic formats, with electronic and driver-assisting technology that adapts to the style of the driver.


Alongside the comprehensive technology, the F-TYPE delivers a luxurious interior that's a joy to ride in. Leather and metal come together in pure detail and sumptuous refinement. The seats sit low with an athletic poise, ensuring you're in the lap of luxury whenever you get out on the road. Fans of Jaguar can expect the same high level of sophistication that they're used to – and newcomers will enjoy a driving experience that's unlike any other.

Profile of the new Jaguar F-Type

"Brooding" is the best way to describe the F-TYPE's profile, which is low and dynamic. Its front impression is bold and typically Jaguar, with a clamshell front bonnet that creates a fantastic first impression. From the front to the side, where the design is dominated by gleaming alloy wheels, and the back, where twin double exhaust pipes stylishly emerge, you'll find it hard to say "no" to the F-TYPE's seductive shape.

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