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Land Rover Service Plans

Manage your servicing costs

Our Charles Hurst Service Plans allow you to spread the cost of your regular servicing, through simple, interest-free monthly instalments, over a fixed term that suits you. This means there are no scheduled servicing bills to think about as well as securing today's prices for the length of your Plan. The Plans cover your vehicle's routine servicing, including labour, parts and oils and provides an easy and affordable way to budget for your servicing needs.

Choose your Service Plan from our options below:

  • 2 year / 2 service term

  • 3 year / 3 service term

  • 4 year / 4 service term

  • 5 year / 5 service term

Any warranty on your vehicle will be protected. This, coupled with a full service history, will maintain your vehicle's resale value.

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 Even More Reason to Service with us 

Ensuring your Land Rover is serviced by factory trained technicians on a regular basis will maintain your vehicle's performance and keep it operating to its optimum efficiency

  • Ensures your vehicle's warranty is not invalidated

  • Maintains the optimum efficiency and fuel economy of your vehicle

  • A full service history maintains and improves your vehicle's long-term value

  • Attending to minor adjustments ensures they do not become major costly repairs

  • Maintains your vehicle's safety and performance

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Key Benefits

  • Low, interest free payments

  • 2 year warranty on replacement parts

  • Complimentary wash and vac on all service visits

  • Complimentary puncture repairs

  • Complimentary seasonal checks



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 Land Rover Servicing 

Servicing your Land Rover with us means you can also benefit from:

  • Reassurance that your Land Rover is being looked after by expert technicians using the latest diagnostic equipment and service techniques

  • Full comprehensive vehicle check

  • Manufacturer service actions and recalls checked and carried out free of charge

  • Complimentary software updates

  • Complimentary Accident and Aftercare service including recovery and courtesy car

  • Customer WiFi


What happens if I change my vehicle?

No problem, your Service Plan benefits stay with you and your existing service fund will be re-assigned to your new vehicle regardless of make or model. Depending on the new vehicle and any changes to your mileage, your monthly payments may need to be recalculated to allow for changes.

Can I cancel my Service Plan?

You can cancel your service plan at any time. Please note an applicable cancellation fee will apply. The balance of any funds within your account will be refunded back to you. Simply contact us on the details which can be found overleaf.

What will happen if I move away from the area?

Charles Hurst and part of the Lookers Group who operate businesses throughout the UK, all of which operate Service Plans, so your Plan will be transferable. We can service all makes and models within the Lookers group. In the event you do not wish to use an alternative Lookers centre to redeem service work, an applicable cancellation fee is applied when The Plan is cancelled.

How long will my service prices be fixed for?

  • 2 Year Plan: Fixed for two years or for two services, whichever comes first

  • 3 Year Plan: Fixed for three years or for three services, whichever comes first

  • 4 Year Plan: Fixed for four years or for four services, whichever comes first

  • 5 Year Plan: Fixed for five years or for five services, whichever comes first

If my mileage increases and I require more than one service a year, will both be covered?

Yes, if you recognise a period where your mileage will increase we can adjust your monthly payments to compensate.

If I pay up front, sell my vehicle and have no use for the Plan, will I receive a refund?

Yes, your current fund balance will be re-paid or it can be transferred to another vehicle. Applicable cancellation fee will apply.

If I miss a scheduled service, will I still covered by the Plan?

Yes, the funds continue to grow to cover any missed service which can be taken in the future, we will send you reminders to keep you aware of servicing requirements.

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