Renault plug-in concept currently in development

Renault is planning to reveal an ultra-efficient plug-in hybrid concept car, and this year's Paris Motor Show in October is believed to be the platform for the unveiling. The manufacturer's head of research, advanced studies and materials, Remi Bastien, did announce last year that 2014 would see Renault clean-powertrain innovations debut. This is initially expected to be in the form of a 141mpg concept.

The economical vehicle would represent Renault's latest innovations in the area of green powertrains, and would spearhead the roll-out of the technology across the brand's passenger car line-up. Competition does exist in this segment, as rival Volkswagen has its 313mpg XL1, but Renault's example would be much more affordable than the £100,000 price tag set by the German brand.

On the vehicle, Bastien has commented: “The concept is a B-segment car with Clio-type features in terms of practicality and space. If we were to make a production version it would be affordable."

Bastien has also previously confirmed that more research and development budget is being allocated to advance Renault's environmentally-friendly technology to bring CO 2 emissions down significantly.

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