Work Experience

Q. What type of placements does Charles Hurst offer for Work experience?

A.Sales & Administration

Q. Why should I choose Charles Hurst to do my Work Experience?

A. At Charles Hurst we strive to have great people achieving great things in an enjoyable working environment making work experience with us highly-beneficial to your career development.

Q.What will I gain from a placement at Charles Hurst?

A. At Charles Hurst, we have a very diverse and highly-skilled workforce across a wide-range of business functions. Our employees will broaden your skills set and experience across all areas of interest to you during your placement.

Q. Would I be left to work on my own or would I have a mentor?

A. You will have an assigned mentor during your placement. They will be there to answer any questions you may have.

Q. If I got a Work Experience placement, would I be more likely to get an apprenticeship with the company?

A.If you are interested in an apprenticeship with Charles Hurst you should contact the following training providers;

  • Riverpark Training and Development Centre

  • Transport Training Services

  • South Eastern Regional College

  • Southern Regional College

  • Workforce Training Services (Belfast)

Q. Who do I need to contact about a Work Experience placement?

A.Your Careers teacher will need to contact Charter NI should you be interested in a placement.


Q.What age can I start an apprenticeship?

A. Apprenticeships programmes start from 16 years old and over

Q. Does Charles Hurst register me in a college for an apprenticeship if I started with the company?

A. You will need to express your interest with the relevant college.

Q. Are there certain colleges that do Motor Vehicle training?

A.The colleges that provide Motor Vehicle training are as follows;

  • Transport Training Services

  • Belfast Metropolitan College

  • Northern Regional College

  • South Eastern Regional College

  • Southern Regional College

  • Workforce Training Services (Belfast)

Q. How long does an Apprenticeship last?

A. An apprenticeship typically lasts four years.

Q. How does an Apprenticeship work?

A. An Apprenticeship deals with the repair and maintenance of vehicles. There are more than 32 million vehicles on the UK's roads, which means we need plenty of motor vehicle technicians to keep them roadworthy. As an apprentice, you will work for a dealership and focus on a particular manufacturer. You will choose your area of specialisation whether that's motorcycles, cars or vehicle electrical systems. You'll be working in a service technician type role, carrying out routine maintenance and basic repairs, as well as identifying and reporting faults. On the Advanced Level Apprenticeship, you'll learn about more complex faults and how to identify and repair them using sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Vehicle repair is challenging, hands-on work - every vehicle will present a new problem to solve. You'll also need good communication skills in order to explain everything to the customer. But you'll feel satisfied when the job's done and that car is back on the road.

Q.When I'm finished my apprenticeship will i then be employed by Charles Hurst?

A. This will be depending on a satisfactory performance and also the requirement for Apprentices in the Company at that time.

Q. Does an Apprentice get specialised manufacturer training or are they trained in all makes and models of vehicles?

A.You will receive specialised Manufacturer training with the dealership you are placed at.

Q. Do I need a driving licence to do an Apprenticeship?

A. You will not need a driving licence during your apprenticeship however; it is a requirement for a Qualified Technician to have a full driving licence.

Q. How do I go about applying for an Apprenticeship?

A.You should contact the college most relevant to you listed above


Q. Why join Charles Hurst?

A. At Charles Hurst we really do believe in 'Customers for Life'. We want to be there, meeting your changing motoring needs, at every stage of your life. From the purchase of your first car, to an executive saloon upgrade after a promotion to eventually acquiring an MPV when a family comes along.

At Charles Hurst we just don't sell and lease vehicles but we also help you maintain them. Our dealerships offer a full range of Aftersales provisions including fully stocked parts departments, vehicle servicing, and accident repair facilities.

One of the top motor vehicle retailers in the UK, we represent 20 vehicle manufacturers and operate from locations across Northern Ireland.

At Charles Hurst our staff are fully dedicated, trained and experienced in their fields. They work hard and are committed to serving our customers and providing a service which we believe is better than anyone else can offer. And we never stop looking at how we can do things better and go that extra mile for our customers.

Below is a list of what we have to offer our employees;

  • Discounts on purchase of New & Used vehicles, vehicle rental, servicing of vehicles, parts and accident repair.

  • Pension scheme

  • Childcare vouchers

  • Secured Employee car parking

  • Learning & personal development

  • Career progression

  • Annual/statutory holidays

  • Extensive training

  • Lookers Guild Awards

  • NICER - Work with colleagues to create an atmosphere that makes customers feel special and want to smile, become an expert, treat everyone as your best friend and create positive, memorable experiences, be passionate about your role. Smile!, respond to colleagues and customers as individuals and deal with their requirements positively and quickly

Current Vacancies

Q.How do I apply for a job?

A. To apply for a vacancy you can log onto our website www.charleshurstgroup.co.uk

Q. I don't have the use of the internet to apply online, what do I do?

A.You can contact the Human Resources department by telephoning 0161 291 9039

Q. Can I send in a CV instead of completing an application form?

A. No, the only method of application is to complete a Charles Hurst application form and Equal Opportunities Monitoring form.

Q. I applied for a job a while ago and I haven't heard anything since. What should I do?

A. If you have applied for a vacancy and haven't heard from us within 10 days from your application was submitted, please assume on that occasion that you have been unsuccessful.

Q. I had an interview recently and I haven't heard anything since. What should I do?

A. Contact the Human Resource department on 0161 291 9039.

Q. How long after I have applied for a job will I find out if I have made it to interview stage?

A. On all jobs the closing date will be clearly stated. Candidates selected for interview will be contacted shortly after.

Q. Who do I speak to if I want feedback from my interview?

A. Contact the Human Resource department on 0161 291 9039.

Q. If I have applied for a job before Charles Hurst can they use my previous application form for future jobs so I don't have to complete another application form each time?

A. All Charles Hurst forms must be completed when applying for each job vacancy.

Q. Are applicants details kept on a waiting list for future vacancies?

A. Yes. Applicants can request to be kept updated on future vacancies.

Q. Do you offer appropriate training to new employees?

A. Yes, all new employees will receive in-house training as well as specialised manufacturer training.

Q. Can I register my details for job alerts?

A.You can do this by logging onto our website www.charlershurstgroup.co.uk

Q. Does Charles Hurst have a probationary period?

A. Yes, all new employees will be on a probationary period of 40 weeks.

Q. What is the salary scale for jobs?

A. The salary for each vacancy will differ as this will depend on age, experience etc.

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